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​Promising Practices Work Group

​For more information on the Colorado Practice Model, please contact Stephanie Russell, Research Supervisor for Program Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement, Division of Child Welfare.

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​Promising Practices Work Group Announcements

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​Promising Practices Work Group Library

PPWG Minutes 2014-07-25.docxPPWG Minutes 2014-07-258/20/2014 8:48 AMDavid Bellamy-Admin
PPWG Minutes 2014-06-27.docxPPWG Minutes 2014-06-278/20/2014 8:39 AMDavid Bellamy-Admin
EB-Promising Practices Websites_10-10-11.docxEB-Promising Practices Websites_10-10-118/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
EB-Promising Practices Websites and Description 1-16-13.pdfEB-Promising Practices Websites and Description 1-16-138/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
PPWG Minutes 2014-05-23.docxPPWG Minutes 2014-05-238/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
PPWG Minutes 2014-04-25.docxPPWG Minutes 2014-04-258/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
Promising Practices Evaluation Form_1 Rev 3.xlsxPromising Practices Evaluation Form_1 Rev 38/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
Proposal Form revised 2012 0712.docProposal Form revised 2012 07128/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
Proposal Instructions revised 2012 0712.docProposal Instructions revised 2012 07128/8/2014 8:56 AMAilala Kay-OMNI
Proposal Instructions revised 2015-09-30.docProposal Instructions revised 2015-09-3010/2/2015 11:13 AMTech Support-OMNI